“Buckeye” by Scott Russell Sanders

The author’s purpose of this story is to share how much he treasured about his loved one. “Years after my father’s heart quit, I keep in a wooden box on my desk the two buckeyes that were in his pocket when he died” (The Curious Writer 83). This shows that he cherished the small things in life that brought him closer to his father. From this point on in his life, he will always keep those buckeyes close to him. Wherever he goes he takes them with him and recognizes them at every place he sees. The message of this story was to show that he did not need anything but memories of his father. This helped him to realize that his father is always with him and that the little things in life do not have to be near. All he needed was memories to put himself in the right place. The story goes back to all the memories he had with his father and all the wonderful memories he will never forget. His father is the reason for what he searches for daily. “We need to know where we are, so that we may dwell in our place with a full heart” ( The Curious Writer 87). This shows that he learned where he was and where he was heading. By going through the process of his memories, he finally found a place in his heart where he belongs. He knows that his father is with him wherever he goes, even though he may not be seen. This essay is successful because it is meaningful and has a purpose. Reading this essay taught me that you need to explain everything in full detail so people can experience the life you had through your story. The audience is suppose to put themselves in your story to better understand what you went through and how you accomplished what needed to be done. In every story you tell there should be a successful meaning to it.

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2 Responses to “Buckeye” by Scott Russell Sanders

  1. reggiepoche says:


    Think a little more on what Sanders’ essay’s purpose could be, Remember, Sanders is not writing to himself. He is writing to an audience of readers. He wants to reach them in some way. When you say, “The author’s purpose of this story is to share how much he treasured about his loved one,” it fails to explain Sanders’ message to his readers. What’s the point in sharing how much he loves his father? Is the essay as simple as that, or does it have a more complex purpose?

    Also, you should go back to the textbook and read Ballenger’s “features of the form” of personal narrative writing–that list we looked at in class last Thursday. Your rhetorical analysis should explain how Sanders uses those features in “Buckeye.”

  2. privateers20 says:

    As I was reading your essay, I really like the way you started by describing the author’s purpose. In your essay you explain how the author cherishes the small thing, which I believe is one of the main themes of the story. I believe that you could have made your essay better by describing the story with more vivid to show the reader a better picture of what’s going on. When you say that the message of the story is that he needed anything but the memories of his father, I think that there is more to that. I think that you should have explained yourself a little better. As a reader, I need to know as much information as possible for me to fully understand the story. I still think that you did a pretty good job overall giving me a nice summary and overview off the story. A great analysis of a story would be for someone who never the essay, and by reading your summary be able to fully understand the story. During your essay I believe that you have not accomplished that.

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